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Dundas Legal Consultancy provides legal services in the areas of general civil law, labor law and contract law. The clients vary from private individuals to legal entities.

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Labor law ​


Do you have a question about employment law or are you involved in a dismissal procedure? ​


Don't hesitate and contact us.


Dundas Legal Consultancy has knowledge of dismissal procedures, employment contracts and settlement agreements.


Do you have an employment contract, settlement agreement or another employment law document and do you want to have it legally scanned? ​


Upload your document here and Dundas Legal Consultancy will be happy to  do a legal scan for a reasonable rate. ​ ​

Contract law ​​


A verbal agreement is just as legally valid as a written agreement.


However, it is recommendable to record your agreements in writing as much as possible.


Do you want to have general terms and conditions, a confidentiality agreement or other type of agreement ? ​ Dundas Legal Consultancy is willing to assist you with this. ​


A number of templates have already been made available for your convenience


Click here to purchase one.

General civil law 

  • legal advice

  • legal correspondence i.e. summon letters, interruption letters 

  • negotiation 

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